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Buy hoodia in uk [18:09:32] dontshootmebro__: open fire [18:09:33] bing: LiamT: Https:// [18:09:34] sneakyness: [18:09:35] LiamT: I'm on the CBS broadcast. [18:09:39] cheese24: so the fire spread after tear gas had broken down the basement [18:09:45] Muhsy_: "dorner said" on the CBS feed? [18:09:47] dontshootmebro__: scanner is reporting ammo being thrown into cabin [18:09:48] cheese24: ammo is flying everywhere right now [18:09:49] dontshootmebro__: they are all saying ammo thrown [18:09:50] kittyfaces_: CBS feed <----- Dorner's channel in the Cbs feed [18:09:53] cheese24: or the tear gas started fire [18:09:57] Anarcie: scanner just Priligy for sale australia said ammo thrown from cabin [18:09:58] LiamT: It's the CBS Hoodia 400mg $137.64 - $1.53 Per pill feed. [18:09:01] cheese24: ammo flew out back [18:09:02] bing: LiamT, yeah [18:09:09] cheese24: looks like someone threw a smoke grenade [18:09:10] Muhsy_: CBS feed is up [18:09:13] ChocolateRambo: When are they going to say he lost consciousness, or give him a chance to surrender? [18:09:26] ChocolateRambo: I think Dorner himself said he's lost consciousness. best drugstore matte bronzer uk [18:09:27] ChocolateRambo: I'm not Order generic cialis by phone sure if that's what he meant or not. [18:09:31] kosai: "dorner said he tried to make a hostage call, but was cut off by fire department". That's what they're saying on the CNN feed [18:09:34] ChocolateRambo:.

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