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Is using paper bag much more environmental friendly than plastic bag?

There are both pros and cons of each one over the other. Paper bag uses much more energy to process and to recycle than plastic. Thus, much less economical than plastic. It also takes away the trees to process the greenhouse gas (CO2). However, plastic requires more time to degrade and “appear” to give a more obvious concern for the environment and wide life. The debate has been around for many years but still, it has not come to a clear conclusion. For more information, please visit http://www.plastics.org.nz/default.asp.

Is your bag recyclable?

All our products are 100% recyclable. We strongly encourage our clients to recycle our products to protect the environment.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Minimum order quantity for custom printed bag is 5,000 pieces. However, we do accept order for 2,500 pieces upon customer requirement, but at a higher rate. For other stock items, minimum order can be as low as 500 pieces.

I like the design of the bag out in the shopping centre; can I get a bag similar to it?

Yes, it is possible. Just bring the sample and discuss with our sales representative. We will confirm with you, or if it is not possible, we will suggest alternatives for your choice.

I am not sure which type of bag and what design I want; can you help me making the right choice?

Yes, absolutely. We are here to help you to make the right decision for your shop or company. Image and presentation are very important to your business. Our experienced and creative staff will be more than happy to assist you in order to design your own carry bags which will strength your company image.

What can be printed on the bag?

Our in-house six colors flexo-printer can print most kind of typical graphics. It is also designed to print photo-like graphics too (i.e. CMYK process colors can be done).

What are the payment terms?

Our policy for new clients is 50% deposit before artwork begins, and strictly C.O.D. for the balance. Once a healthy business relationship is built, we can organize to setup a 30 days account (subject to conditions).

Free delivery?

Delivery is free for an invoice amount more than $200.00 within Melbourne metro area. Otherwise, freight cost will be charged accordingly or customers can provide their prefer courier company.

How soon can I get the bag after I place an order?

For custom printed bags, the usual lead time is 3-4 weeks. However, certain items are possible to be prioritized upon request and can be turnaround as quick as 48 hours (subject to conditions). Contact our sales representative if you have an urgent order, we will be very delighted to fulfill your requirements.

Can I see a sample of the printed bag before deciding to go ahead with the production?

Unfortunately, it is impractical to produce a sample before production due to the amount of work and time involved to setup a printing job. However, our experienced sales representative should be able to find a similar sample product from our sample room to show you our capability of production to similar product you are after. It should give a good indication what you will expect.

Is there a setup cost for new print job?

Yes, there is a setup cost for new print job. It mainly covers the making of new artwork (if required) and print plate(s) required for the print job. The setup cost may vary depending on a few factors, choice of colors, number of colors, how many side (front and/or back side) to be printed, sizes of print, complexity of printing etc. If you wish to keep the setup cost down, consider to have lesser number of colors and smaller size of print coverage, if possible. It will save you a large portion of setup cost. Remember, it is an once-off payment only at the first time. Re-ordering the same printed bags will not incur this charge.

What if the bags turn out not to be what I expected?

We shall replace all the faulty bags for you free of charge, if the bags are significantly or functionally different to initially agreed specifications (i.e. sizes, colors, graphics etc.)